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Since 1958 we have been using only the best quality seafood to create simple healthy dishes

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The Famous Fish tradition began from humble beginnings in 1958, when Steve Costi's dad started selling delicious, great value seafood to everyday Australian Families.

Steve continued the family tradition by operating the Costi retail stores in the seafood industry from the early 80's following the same business model and format that his dad established for much of this time. Over time he saw the opportunity for the traditional fresh seafood stores to start incorporating a cooked element into their business.

The simple concept of synergy then saw Steve successfully integrate the two to create some outstanding individual stores which have become somewhat of an institution in their own right.

Having mastered the cooked element, Steve then took the idea one step further and created the Modern Fish and Chip store, and so Steve Costi's Famous Fish was born.

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Since 1958