Whether you are a long-time customer who loves the energy and appeal of one of our existing stores, or someone that’s just researching viable business franchise opportunities, the Costi brand is one that for a long time people have wanted to be a part of. Much of this is built on the back of Steve’s and his family’s ability to carve out a lot of success in the seafood category, and with that comes a collective experience of over 50 years. Now, after years of success, Steve has decided to franchise the Steve Costi’s Famous Fish brand. 


  • Seafood consumption in Australia has increased by 27% per capita since 1997

  • Seafood is increasingly being represented as the appropriate “fast food” by governments, health agencies and consumers alike

  • Of the 30,000+ take-away venues, generating in excess of $7 billion in retail sales, there are no multi-unit, integrated seafood operations

  • Seafood remains the #1 take-away food item sold by independent take-aways in Australia

  • Consumption of seafood by Australians under 20, increases at double the rate of meat and dairy, annually 

A Branded Seafood Diner

  • Serving authentic, original and accessible seafood

  • Guaranteed quality and consistency throughout

  • Product and process driven – delivering an efficient, manageable business

  • Potential for multi-layered retail opportunities, incorporating dine-in, take-away, food court and licensed facilities

  • Appealing to adults and children alike

  • Research shows that there is a niche available for a quality seafood based dine-in and take-away option

Getting the Right Balance

At Famous Fish, we’re not satisfied to be set apart by just our traditional business principles synonymous with the Costi name - like exceptional product quality, great customer service, and creating thriving and profitable businesses and success stories. We want our franchisees and by extension everyone involved with Famous Fish to have fun, enjoy what they do, and always looking for opportunities to give back. These are values that are lived and breathed by everyone in our organization, and we’re looking for franchise partners that share similar values. We are committed to attracting an exceptional caliber of franchisees, as we know that it will be these small business owners and their employees that will embody the Famous Fish ethos and values every day in their own local Steve Costi’s Famous Fish Seafood Diner. ‚Äč