Having The Spirit of A Locally Owned Business

Our promise is to always maintain the spirit and heart of a locally-owned small business Our voice and priorities will always reflect local communities we are part of wherever we may be

We will work hard to make sure that each of our local Famous Fish seafood diners reflects its owners and its community, and no matter which local store you visit, you will find that (aside from amazing food) Famous Fish is about the people. We value the people in our communities, from franchise owners and their families, to employees and their families, and our customers and their families too. We've described our approach to food as old-fashioned with a modern twist, and the same can be said of our approach to people. It may be increasingly rare, but we believe strongly in being good neighbors, treating people well, and doing business with integrity.

We want to be known as being generous, because generosity attracts people to us that will have similar values. Each of our locations chooses to support the local community causes that are important to the communities they are in. These causes can range from local charities for schools, sporting clubs, and disadvantaged people just to name a few. We do this not just because we believe in being good Samaritans, but also because we know our communities support us, and we want to give back. When we say that we appreciate your business, we really mean it

To learn more about how Famous Fish can support your community cause, simply get in touch with us to discuss how we can assist.